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HPC4Mtls | Round 1

Round 1   |   Seedlings


Round 1: Solicitation Selectees

The Office of Fossil Energy

  • Strategic Power Systems, Inc. (SPS) will partner with ORNL to advance fusion of total plant data in a project titled "Utilizing High Performance Computational Analysis to Characterize the Operating Envelope of Various NGCC Operating Technologies – Quantifying Efficiency, Availability, and Durability of Critical Hot Gas Path Hardware and Assessing the Impact on other Downstream Systems or Components across Cyclic Operating States".
  • Strategic Power Systems, Inc. (SPS) will partner with NETL to develop reduced order models to optimize plant operation to reduce failures due to cyclic operation and for predictive maintenance in a project titled "An Investigation of the Effect of Cyclic Operation on HRSG and Coal-fired Boiler Tubes – Failures Induced by High Thermal Stress and Component Fatigue – An Opportunity for Predictive Maintenance".
  • United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) will partner with LLNL to improve the corrosion resistance of metals used in fossil fuel-based energy processes in a project titled "Understanding Complex, Coupled Mechanisms of Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Degradation with Computational Models".
  • Pratt & Whitney will partner with ORNL to improve gas turbine abradable materials in a project titled "Predicting Limit Rub Response in Advanced Gas Turbine Engines".
  • Siemens Energy Inc. will partner with LANL to understand crack nucleation from forging flaws in a project titled "High-Performance Particle-Based Modeling of Damage Nucleation from Forging Flaws in Fossil Power Generation Rotor Components".

The Vehicle Technologies Office

  • Carpenter Technology Corporation will partner with LLNL to develop a predictive model of APB energy for superalloys to improve the "virtual synthesis" process in industry in a project titled "Development of a Predictive Model of Antiphase Boundary Energy for L12 Strengthened Superalloys".
  • Ford Motor Company will partner with ORNL to advance an innovative meso-scale peridynamic modeling technology using high-performance computing to predict the performance of CFRP products for automotive applications in a project titled "An Advanced Meso-Scale Peridynamic Modeling Technology using High-Performance Computing for Cost-Effective Product Design and Testing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites in Light-weight Vehicles".

The Fuel Cell Technologies Office

  • Skyhaven Systems, LLC will partner with SNL to create an advanced reactor model to account for spatial and temporal variation of heat and mass transfer in a project titled "Efficient and Safe Hydrogen Refueling of Fuel Cell Vehicles from an Emergency Chemical Hydride Storage Source".
  • Shell International Exploration and Production will partner with ORNL to optimize reactor design and scale up of hydrogen production from methane in a project titled "Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Molten Media Reactors".